Expanding Into Gender Liberation
March 22, 2021
11:00 AM PDT

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How can expanding our understanding of gender support our work towards collective healing and liberation? What are some ways that Somatic Sex Education can help transform the harmful effects of historical, social and culturally gendered trauma? Join us for a webinar and discussion with Alex Iantaffi, author of Gender Trauma – Healing Cultural, Social and Historical Trauma. Alex brings a passion for training providers, healing justice and community-based scholarship to all of their work. Using clinical vignettes and reflexive somatic exercises, they will help us make connections between the rigidity of the gender binary and ongoing settler colonial systems. We will have an opportunity to highlight how practices from SSE can help us to decolonize our individual and collective bodies. Access a free zine “How to Understand Your Gender” here. resources — alex iantaffi

Alex Iantaffi

Alex Iantaffi, PhD, MS, SEP, CST, LMFT is a family therapist, certified sex therapist, Somatic ExperiencingⓇ practitioner, clinical supervisor, writer and independent scholar. Alex is adjunct faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Stout and Antioch University and serves as Chair of the Trans and Queer interest network of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and at-large board member/chair of the social justice committee for the MN chapter.

They have researched, presented and published extensively on gender, disability, sexuality, relationships, and HIV and were the Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy for eleven years. They are a trans masculine, nonbinary, bi queer, disabled, Italian immigrant, living on Dakota and Anishinaabe territories, colonially known as Minneapolis, MN (US).

Alex is the author of “Gender Trauma”, and co-author of the books “How to Understand Your Gender”, “Life Isn’t Binary”, and “Hell Yeah Self-Care” with Meg-John Barker. Alex also hosts the podcast Gender Stories.

Find out more about them at or follow them on Twitter @xtaffi

Hosted By: Diane Long

Diane is a genderqueer somatic sex educator and trauma-informed bodyworker living on Dakota and Anishinaabe land (Minneapolis, MN). Diane has taught sex-positive self-defense for over 25 years. In their work, Diane blends a variety of modalities including Healing Touch, Somatic Experiencing, SomaYoga, BCST and ritual arts to help people heal from violence and move towards greater pleasure and connection.

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