SSEA Board

SSEA Board:


Tracy Montgomery

Vice President:

Caitlin K Roberts


Amy Weissfeld


Corinne Diachuk

Members at Large:

Mitchell Shulman

Statement From the Board

November 1, 2020


The Board of the SSEA (Tracy Montgomery, Amy Weissfeld, Corinne Diachuck, Mitchel Shulman, Caitlin K Roberts, Cosmo Meens) has been involved in a grievance process against Dan Powers in direct opposition to part of the public disclaimer listed on our website, and beyond the scope of our association. We acknowledge and sincerely regret that actions taken by the board during this process caused harm to Dan.


The SSEA Board announces that Dan Powers’ status as a practitioner is in good standing.


An Ethics Council (Tracy Montgomery, Amy Weissfeld, Medhi Darvish Yahya, Christiane Pelmas) was struck to engage in a process of restorative justice with Dan to repair the harm caused to him. Having initiated a reconciliation process with Dan, the council referred the matter back to the Board and the membership of the SSEA.


The Board is committed to continuing in a restorative justice process with Dan Powers and have taken several steps, including issuing a formal apology to Dan Powers, informing the appropriate parties of Dan’s good standing as a practitioner, presenting a Statement of Accountability to the membership of the SSEA on October 7, 2020 and convening a new ethics council. This new council will work to help identify the underlying values of our association and to remedy the places where the Board’s actions caused harm to Dan and to the wider community.


The SSEA Board is committed to transparency and accountability, and to being available to Dan Powers, the membership, and the profession for the processes to come.