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Hi I'm Daniel (he/him)

My journey to becoming a Somatic Sex Educator has been deeply personal, shaped by my own intimate relationship with the complexities of desire, insecurity, and shame. These experiences have given me a heartfelt sensitivity—a genuine desire to meet you where you are, with compassion and free from judgment. I believe that pleasure and connection are fundamental human needs, yet I understand from my own journey the barriers that can hinder our fulfillment in these intimate areas of life.

In our work together, I strive to create a warm, accepting space where you have permission to be yourself and explore new territories of your relational and erotic life. My approach is a nurturing blend of sex-positive coaching, education, and embodied practices, guided by your unique needs and pace. Through modalities like breathwork, trauma release, consent negotiation, and touch, we'll embark on a journey of discovering and embodying your authentic desires.

I bring to our sessions a rich background in transpersonal psychology, integral coaching, somatic experiencing, and therapeutic bodywork. This multifaceted perspective allows me to appreciate the intricate dance of body, mind, and soul. Above all, I am here to provide a space of warmth, acceptance, and safety as you bravely explore your erotic landscape. Together, we'll navigate the path towards deeper pleasure, connection, and fulfillment, honoring your fundamental right to a life of vibrant, loving aliveness.


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