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Hi, I'm Makia a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Intimacy Educator, Holistic BDSM practitioner and STREAM Pelvic Health Specialist based in Dublin Ireland and bi-locating between Baltimore, Maryland and Nevada City, California. 

Prior to moving to Ireland in 2020 I was deeply immersed within the San Francisco Kink and Sex positivity cultures for well over a decade where she dove into exploring BDSM, sexual wellness, neo-tantra, non-monogamy and the LGBTQAI+ community. My lived personal and professional experiences within these realms have afforded me the uniquely grounded and integrative perspective to support my clients growth, coupled with my background is as a licensed bodyworker specialising in pelvic care and scar tissue, an aphrodisiac herbalist and holistic sex educator since 2008.

My work is focused on guiding my clients to find safety and resource within their bodies. To feel more in every sense. To embody eroticism in every facet of life, pleasure is so much more than sex, but a vital nutrient that when accessed makes the whole of life more rich, vibrant and delicious.

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