Somatic Sex Education Practitioner

About Penelope


Penelope Seagull offers somatic therapy sessions and erotic sensual bodywork for connecting body, mind and spirit. She also practices as a Sacred Intimate, offering surrogate sexual experiences in a safe, authentic container for exploration, discovery and healing.

Penelope specializes in spiritual & relationship issues, ritual & magic, sexual openness and familial issues, as well as focusing on erotic touch, massage and pleasure.

She is also experienced with dynamics surrounding childbirth, nursing,  motherhood, and the morphing of sexuality within parenthood, aging, and menopause.

Penelope works with individual clients and couples who are interested in reflecting on their deep stories, what their heart needs, and how to tell the truth. She also leads occasional ceremonial gatherings and guided meditation workshops.

In her spare time, Penelope loves nature, writing, reading, making music and art, and being with fun folks.

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Victoria, BC

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