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Hi, I'm Sylvie Bee of Sex And Sensibility. I have a background in neuroscience and have spent much of the past decade exploring tools and modalities around emotional release and Somatic bodywork. I have a particular passion around pelvic floor health, neurobiology, and the healing power of kink.

I previously trained as a relationship and intimacy coach with the Somatica® Institute before embarking on the path of Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education with the ISSSE. 

I also hold trainings in performance hypnosis, birth doula training, lactation education, dominatrix work, business coaching with the International Coaching Federation, Hakomi Psycotherapy and psychedelic guiding skills for clinicians and therapists. I am currently enrolled in Ellen Heed's 2-year STREAM training (Scar Tissue Remediation Education and Management) with a focus on pelvic care. 

Why am I passionate about this work and this path? Because the birth of my firstborn profoundly changed my marriage, sex life and relationship to my body, bringing me face-to-face with aspects of my sexuality I had previously tried to suppress or hide, at great emotional and physical cost. 

Previously a science journalist by trade, I confronted the challenge with research, and discovered the world of somatic therapy with its emphasis on emerging from shame, increased choicefulness, pattern recognition, improved communication and boundary setting. Through various somatic trainings, my life became fuller, more pleasurable, sexier and increasingly interesting.

At the end of the day, however, I truly believe that regardless of credentials, what matters as a Somatic Sex Educator and Somatic Coach is the strength of the personal connection I have with my clients. I hold a space where my clients can safely and authentically show up in their bodies and minds, dark side and all, and be met there. All the work I do is client led and in service to stepping more into wholeness, happiness and eroticism.

As a trained domintrix, I also place high value on my clients exploring the taboo, enjoying the freedom to discover various sensations, find empowerment outside of normative realms and lean in to playing with power dynamics. 

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San Francisco, CA
United States

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