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I am a certified sexological bodyworker, certified somatic sex educator, certified Core Energetics practitioner, and a certified couples therapist and intimacy coach, located in New City, NY. I work with individuals and couples of all ages and orientations, and I am kink-friendly. I also offer 4 hand work for individuals and couples with another certified sexological bodyworker. I believe in the healing power of pleasure. Every session is unique and individually tailored to the client to support personal growth and expansion, greater access to pleasure, and an opportunity to heal trauma and hurt through working directly with the bodymind in a non-judgmental atmosphere of safety and trust.  Our tools are breath, sound, movement, touch, and imagination.

I know this to be true; no matter where you are in your journey, there is always more - more room to grow, more life to live, more dimensions of self to discover and pleasure to explore, more self-knowledge to be absorbed, and more healing and expansion to breathe into. 

Here are some podcasts of me talking about the work:

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