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Serving Austin Tx. Offers Immersions for out of town students.

Intimacy Guide & Somatic Sex Educator Melissa D. the provocateur of BodyJoy, empowers clients to learn new ways to talk, touch and play that feel both safe and exciting.

She is also one of the practitioners for The Apollo Project- helping men regain their sexual confidence in a very sex negative world.

BodyJoy has offered both in-person & virtual workshops around the world, helped students take back their authentic sexuality, and feel more at ease in their bodies. Melissa D. is available for virtual coaching, private in-person sessions and info on booking a luxurious stay-cation to give your self / relationship a boost. As a devotee of authentic human connection, Melissa D, assists clients in deep levels of healing and transformation, through intimacy coaching, hypnosis and holistic sex education counseling, classes and explicit workshops. Melissa believes in being tastefully explicit so that her clients and students can learn in a clear and empowered way. Her mission is to help other’s experience a healthy, passionate, shame-free sex-life, free of mental blockages, fear, religious or cultural stigma. Whether you are seeking to shift an old pattern in your life, implement lasting change or learn new techniques – Melissa is your facilitator and Muse!

Intimacy Training- Caffyn Jesse- 2016

Somatic Sex Educator training in Canada 2016- Captain and Caffyn Jesse

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Training with Rainya Dann- Santa Cruz
Hypnotherapy Training - South West Institute of Healing Arts Tempe Az
Sexological Hypnosis - Addressing sexual difficulties with Dr. Amy Marsh

Voice Dialog / NLP / Parts work

Sex Educator Training (sfsi) San Francisco Sex Educator Training

Urban Tantra Professional Training - Barbara Carrelles

Like a Pro- Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent Training

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United States

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