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If you and your partner are looking for ways to more deeply connect with one another and get out of limiting patterns, I can help.

I work primarily with couples in Chicago, helping folks increase their ability to verbalize their erotic desires to each other in the moment, learn skills of sensual cooperation, and through this create new ways of relating to each other — and the world!

I facilitate:

* Connecting to one’s body more deeply - great if you have trouble feeling your body

* Hearing the signals the body is sending - important if you are “in your head” and feel you’re always working with a playbook in bed

* Negotiating with whole-hearted enthusiasm - excellent if you feel stuck when expressing needs and desires

I also teach couples how to touch one another erotically, methods of pleasure expansion, and sex education.

Beyond this, I am an energy worker who works in sound - a powerful method known as Biofield Tuning. I am also a Tantra Educator. If you have an interest in combining energy work with your sessions, let me know.

Also! I love working with therapists if you’re in couples counseling. Together we can create a wellness team for you.

If you are out of town and planning to visit, we can work in a more concentrated manner over several days.

Contact me to set up a free 15-min consultation over Zoom.

2021, Certification in Somatic Sex Education/Sexological Bodywork, Institute for the Study of Somatic Sex Education, BC, Canada Teachers: Caffyn Jesse, Liam “captain” Snowdon, Corinne Diachuk

2018, Wheel of Consent/“Like a Pro” with Dr. Betty Martin

2017, Certification as a Tantra Educator, Source School of Tantra Yoga, Santa Cruz, CA, USA Teachers: Charles Muir and Leah Alchin

2017, Certification in Biofield Tuning, Burlington, VT, USA

Teacher: Eileen McKusick

BIO: I’ve always been fascinated by the body’s ability to express and connect. As a performer and theater director for over 20 years, I love the visceral sense of being in my body.

Decades of 12-step work in addiction and codependency helped peel back layers, and in 2015, after a period of awakening, I fully embraced my erotic life and the joy it gives me. I then moved into the fields of sexuality and energetics. One of my lifelong core values is sexual freedom. I believe that if we could each find our personal erotic expression without shame or guilt, the world would be a happier place.

I’ve trained with some of the greatest teachers in sex education and energy work – Caffyn Jesse, sexuality author and co-founder of the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sex Education; Dr Betty Martin, developer of the revolutionary Wheel of Consent; Charles Muir, Tantra master, and one of the first people to bring Tantra to the west; and Eileen McKusick, the innovative founder of Biofield Tuning.

Through my successful inclusive sex talk show and podcast, "Wild & Sublime," where I speak to numerous sex experts and connect with audiences, I know that we all want ease in our sex life. We want to learn how to voice our sexual truths. We want to know ourselves.

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Chicago, IL
United States

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