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Mitchell Carlin is an experienced mental health clinician and bodyworker. Located in the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York, Mitchell promotes somatic education and awareness in his professional practice, Phoenix Somatic Therapies.

How do sensuality, sexuality and eroticism manifest in your life? Engaging this inquiry within safe and concurring boundaries, and through dialogue, focused exercises and exploratory bodywork, clients may address issues of body acceptance, sensual awareness, intimacy and vulnerability, erotic expression and pleasure, increased orgasmic potential, and by addressing the psychological and sexual complexities of trauma, dysfunction, desire, voice, and relationship.

Like the Phoenix, the legendary symbol of Renewal, this exploration can be transformative – an engagement with the healing fire of self-exploration, self-acceptance, and empowerment; releasing beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve you, and rising to new forms of expression and practice.

Mitchell can be contacted at: [email protected] A website, is presently under construction

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Beacon, NY
United States

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