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Sher Snow is a professional Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Coach who brings to her practice a lifetime of personal experience in trauma healing, erotic education and client-centred care. Her aim is to support all people in their journey to becoming whole, shame-free and secure in their bodies and in their lives.

Sher’s experience with prostate mapping and massage has been noted by returning clients with one in particular calling her the best prostate massager on the island. She approaches this part of her work slowly with lots of conversation and permission. Her clients know they can say ‘no’ at any time. Sher accepts no as a complete sentence.

Sher is BDSM- and kink-friendly, providing unconditional support for all fantasies, gender expressions and erotic experiences that are sex-positive and harm-free. She is known for hosting a safe space for trans-persons, cross-dressers, non-binary and queer folks from all around South Vancouver Island.

Sher’s commitment to playful, honest and secure erotic expression is very “permission-giving” as described by her friends and clients. She offers a relaxing and calming presence along with clear boundaries, so that her clients know what to expect and what they can learn about releasing shame from their sexual experiences and their bodies. Nothing shocks Sher - her openmindedness has helped countless people get in touch with their inner voice and their power of choice, learning the nature of true consent while developing their playful erotic expressiveness.

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Victoria, BC

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