Somatic Sex Education Practitioner

About dr. Liam "captain" Snowdon


Dr. Liam "captain" Snowdon is a Somatic Sex Educator, Anti-Violence Worker and Counsellor. They co-created the Canadian Somatic Sex Educator Training and prior to that taught the Canadian and American Sexological Bodywork training for ten years. They are also delighted to teach for The Institute for Sexual Education and Enlightenment. They hold a Master’s degree in Public Health in Human Sexuality and a Doctorate in Human Sexuality. It has been an honour thus far in their multiple careers with humans to work with street involved youth, queer and trans youth, kinky folk, poly folk and IV drug users. Captain writes poetry to the ocean, is deeply entrenched in queer family making, loves eyeshadow and currently has a crush on facilitating 3 mornings a week of communal erotic practice online for Somatic Sex Educators.

Practitioner Location

Victoria, BC

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