Our Statement of Purpose

We passionately believe in the value and efficacy of somatic sex education. We strive to provide, accessible high quality education. We are committed to providing exemplary educational, hands on experience in a pleasurable, heartfelt, inclusive, and respectful way within a professional learning community. In our work, we strive to embody what we hope to see in the world—a just, compassionate humanity and community in which people are free to be themselves fully and without fear. An inclusive community where no one is exiled, silenced or exploited. A place that empowers and nourishes through somatic pleasure.

With great courage, integrity and compassion – we embrace our responsibility to co-create a world where each of us, our communities and our planet can flourish.

We celebrate the regenerative powers and sheer joy of embodied pleasure.

Our Goals And Objectives

To offer the benefits of Somatic Sex Education to all.

To foster a climate of purposeful inclusion.

To build ever-widening circles of solidarity and mutual respect among students, instructors, and clients.

To support curriculum in ways that empower, enhance, and encourage the participation of all.
To develop student, faculty and staff experience of a warm and caring professional learning community.

Guiding Principles

Somatic Sex Education is a unique educational concept utilizing a set of principles that guide its design and delivery:  

1. DO NO HARM, (PRIMUM NON NOCERE) Our primary ethical responsibility is the wellbeing of the individual. Somatic Sex Education follows three principles to create and support client safety: Empower voice and choice in all activities. Maintain Client-Centered authority, hold space and respect the boundaries of all individuals. Hold a Trauma-Informed perspective as clients are guided through learning experiences and activities.
3. TEACHING AND LEARNING ARE PLEASURE FOCUSED Sexological Bodyworkers are somatic sex educators. We teach through body experiences designed to nurture, deepen or awaken the sensual self.
4. INTEGRATION AND WHOLENESS ARE NURTURED Somatics are an educational and transformational approach that assumes that the body, mind and emotions are one interconnected biological system. In support of this assumption, clients are offered basic instruction and accurate, validated information regarding human sexuality and sexual function; and information specific to the client’s individual concerns.
5. EMBODIMENT TRAINING Encompassing experiential, somatic learning, practice, teaching, and integration from a place of embodied wisdom.
6. SAVORING OPPORTUNITIES Creating conscious attention to the experience of pleasure - a birthright for EVERY body.
7. RESPECT Every human being deserves respect. We recognize the need to respect each other’s differences in gender identity, desire, race, ability, class, cultural background, body shape, sexual orientation and experience. We Don’t Yuck Others’ Yum! The SSEA is committed to creating a field that works from an anti- oppressive framework and acknowledges that we are all learning what it is like to be each other. We value cultural humility that acknowledges and preserves the dignity of the individual.

Who is The Somatic Sex Educator

Ideally, you are a person who is committed to spending your life helping people access the joy and power of erotic energy. You are fascinated by the human body and are passionate about anything that is hands-on. You want to be a part of a global movement for healing personal and cultural relationships with sexual energy.

You strive to be mindful of the ways that prejudices and stereotypes might influence your language, even when your intentions are good. You commit to learning about micro-aggressions.


You support the concept and the mission of generative somatics, which  is to grow a transformative social & environmental justice movement – one that integrates personal and social transformation, creates compelling alternatives to the status quo and embodies the creative and life affirming actions we need to forward systemic change. We envision a movement guided by cultivated wisdom, respect, and rigor. (http://www.generativesomatics.org/)


You comfortably demonstrate and maintain a heartfelt inclusivity.  SSEA feels it is important that our language reflects evolving understandings beyond the binary. To include and make welcome all beings in our gender galaxy. This increased sensitivity, fraught as it may be with imperfection, can only serve to open our compassionate hearts as Sexological Bodyworkers and Somatic Sex Educators, and enable us to reach out and serve many clients. There will be folks in our training of many different genders, colors, sizes, and abilities; holding many different experiences and histories.


You maintain a commitment to lifelong learning.  You model and embody consistent professional development and ongoing self-care.