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Welcome!  I'm glad you found me.

​Do you long for a more pleasurable and joyful connection to your body?   I offer compassionate, safe, and ethical body-based experiences, to help you expand your capacity for pleasure, heal from shame, judgment and trauma, and embrace your wholeness.  Learn to be deeply present and tuned in to your body, notice your desires and sensations, speak clearly about touch, and access pleasure as a healing resource. Learn to live the “turned-on” life!

I offer in-person sessions in Beacon, NY, with easy access from NYC, upstate NY, CT, PA, and MA, as well as online coaching and support through Zoom.

Benefits of working with me include:

-- Support for healing from negative beliefs and judgments about sexuality and your body;

-- (Re)discovering erotic pleasure in the wake of surgery or an accident, or with the changes that come with aging;

-- Increasing your resilience and ability to bounce back from life’s many stresses;

-- Accessing more joy and pleasure in your life;

-- Improving your relationships; and

-- Promoting your sexy self-confidence (because self-confidence is sexy, isn’t it?).

Interested? Tell me what’s going on for you, and let’s chat about creating your personal plan for living more fully and pleasurably in your body. To schedule a free call, visit, and select a time that works for you.

Visit to learn more and set up a free call. Reach out anytime by email: [email protected]

I am here to support you in your journey into pleasure and embodiment, to provide a safe, welcoming and judgment-free place for you to learn and explore your sensuality and spirituality.



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Beacon, NY
United States

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